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L3VEL 3 - Tint Brush Set - 6 Pc

L3VEL 3 - Tint Brush Set - 6 Pc

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L3VEL3™ 6 Piece Tint Brush Set | Coloring - Dyeing Kit

Hair Dye Brush set includes six pieces for all your tint, dye, and color needs. This professional multifunctional tint brush kit features different sizes for different applications, including beard coloring, hair tint, and hair dye. The Level 3 Tint Brush Set - 6 Pack is made of durable materials and feels comfortable, making it ideal for prolonged usage.

  • Professional, elegant design
  • Durable, reusable, and easy to clean
  • Comfortable, polished and sturdy handle
  • Multifunctional size combinations
  • The sharp handle allows easy hair separation
  • Professional salon and barber quality
  • Tint brush set is ideal for hair dye

Includes: 6 Pieces.

Dimensions: 4.75", 5.6", 6.25", 7.75", 8", and 8.5" respectively.

Color: Black.